Lift-In 2017

The first lift-in is rapidly coming up on April 22. All the boats on the East Wall and many boats on the South Parking Lot will be going in. The Lift Captain for early lift-in will be Jim Coffin. We have enough volunteers for sling crew, and cradle moving. We are still looking for a safety officer. You can volunteer by contacting Jim at

The second lift-in will be on May 13. All the remaining boats will be launched. Ralph Schroeder will be lift captain. We still need volunteers for sling crew and cradle moving.

Cradles need fittings installed for wheels and tongues for moving to the storage yard. If your boat does not have the fittings, notify the marina office. We can install the fittings.

If there are any changes to the lift date you agreed to when you lifted out, or if you are having your boat trailered out, please contact us before April 22.

2 thoughts on “Lift-In 2017”

  1. Mike – Since your boat is on a trailer, we can lift you on either date. We just need to have your boat out of the way for the crane to get onto the crane pad.

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