Liftout 2018 – Sept 29 & Oct 13

Liftout dates this year are Sept 29, 2018 and Oct 13, 2018. This year we cannot put boats south of the stairway (marina office) on the driveway due to the new washroom construction. This means that we have to relocate about 12 boats to the parking lot or the North Wall.

We need everyone who wants to have their boat lifted (or not lifted) to drop off a liftout request form to the marina office or email it to Jim Coffin before Sept 15, 2018. Last year we had 3 boats who normally get lifted out that went for repairs. “I’ve been getting lifted out for the past 30 years. I don’t need to put in a form.” doesn’t help us to organise the liftout.

Lift Request 2018

Lift Request 2018

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