Attempted Break-ins

We have had a report of an attempted break-in on a boat in the parking lot. As it turns out the item they attempted to steal was to heavy to move. straps were cut and there was damage. Be aware that people are walking by the stored boats all the time. Please check your boat regularly and make sure things like outboard motors are removed or are very secure.

3 thoughts on “Attempted Break-ins”

  1. My name is Greg Jackson captain of the fish tug last time I have a concern . On the north harbour wall there is a fire route sign there but if the was a fire on any of the boats stored or my vessel it would be very difficult for emergency crews to get down there as there is a mound of snow blocking the entrance

    1. Kincardine Public Works is responsible for clearing snow. They are intentionally placing the snow at the north harbor wall to make it difficult for people to intentionally or accidentally drive onto the roadway. The roadway often gets icy and there have been incidents where vehicles have slid into the harbor. In the past few years there have been several deaths related to vehicles sliding from the pier. The roadway is no longer considered a fire route. We are contacting the fire department to have the sign removed.

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