Lift-in 2019

Lift-ins for 2019 will be on April 27 for part of the parking lot and the East wall, and May 11 for the remainder of the parking lot and the North wall. As usual we will be looking for volunteers for cradle moving, slings and food. To make lift-out easier, before we haul your cradle away, we would like you to ensure your boat name is clearly marked on the cradle and the bow end is identified.

2 thoughts on “Lift-in 2019”

  1. I can help on the April 27 launch. Since I will be having knee surgery in June can you find me a job where I could sit between boats. At OYS I usually did Bow and stern lines while the boats are being launched.
    Jo-Anne usually helps in the kitchen at launch and haul-out with lunch.
    Let me know there is something we can doÉ

    1. We don’t have any jobs during lift-in that involve sitting. We appreciate your offer to help.
      If a task comes available, we will keep you in mind. We will be posting a request for volunteers as we get closer to lift-in.

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