May 12 – Boat preparations can begin

Today, May 12, we have received permission from the Municipality for boaters to begin work on preparing their boats for lift in.  There are some stipulations to be followed.


The Marina remains closed to the public, which includes boaters.   This means the docks are closed, the launch ramp is closed, the office is closed, and the washrooms are closed, to the public, which includes boaters.


The following was cut and pasted from the Marina section on an Ontario Government website entitled – Frequently asked questions about essential businesses document.

“Can marinas open?

Marinas are now permitted to repair or service boats or other watercraft. They also may place boats or other watercraft in the water to be secured to a dock until the marina is open to the public. They may also provide other services to enable individuals to access their primary place of residence, support government operations or services, or support the transportation of items by commercial barges.

Marinas can also provide access to boats or release boats to owners for seasonal boat preparation.

No decisions have been made on whether or when marinas can be fully open.”


Therefore, based on the above, the Municipality feels it is fine to start allowing your boaters access to their stored boats to do the following:

-Cleaning of boats

-Polishing/waxing of boats

-Painting of hulls

-Repairs to boats

-Engine Preparation

-Preparing boats for lift in


We would expect however that measures are put in place by the KYC to ensure that social distancing requirements and sanitizing measures are being adhered to along with any other measures that the public is being asked to follow during this COVID-19 Pandemic.


Note that the required measures include distancing of 6 ft. (unless you are family members), no more than 5 persons in a group, and that the boat storage areas do not become a place for social gatherings.  This permission is a privilege, and can be revoked by the municipality if these requirements are not followed.