Marina, launch ramp, boat preps May 21

May 21

This email was received this afternoon from the Municipality:

Please be advised that the Municipality is able to confirm the following:

-The boat launch at the Marina is allowed to open asap (please confirm that this can and will be opened asap as we anticipate it will be in high demand now that the word is out)

-The Marina is now open for KYC members and Marina staff to continue preparations on preparing the Marina to open to boaters and ready for lift-in

-Boaters are permitted to work on their boats as they were prior to the May 15th communications that ended that activity.

KYC expects any  measures that the public is being asked to follow during this COVID-19 Pandemic are followed.

Note that the required measures include distancing of 6 ft. (unless you are family members), no more than 5 persons in a group, and that the boat storage areas do not become a place for social gatherings.  This permission is a privilege, and can be revoked by the municipality if these requirements are not followed.