Lift-in 2017

Liftout 2017

Early liftout will be on September 30, 2017. Boats will be lifted to the North Wall and the South Parking Lot. Lighthouse restoration will be continuing during the liftout. We have permission to lift boats in front of the condos, But we can’t place boats in front of the lighthouse. We must leave a roadway to the lighthouse. There will be fishing boats moored along the North Wall. We will have room for 8 boats maximum and there may be problems with power and water in front of the condos.

Late Liftout will be on October 14, 2017. Boats will be lifted to the East Wall and the Parking Lot.

Lift-ins will be on April 21, 2018 and May 12, 2018. Boats on the East Wall will be lifted on early lift-in. Boats on the North Wall will be lifted on late Lift-in. Boats in the South Parking Lot will be lifted in on either date, however, we must place them appropriately during lift-out so they can be lifted in on the requested date.

We can lift sailboats with keel stepped masts with the mast on. We can only lift boats with the mast installed to the parking lot and to the East Wall. Since boats are lifted with a crane, the spreader bars for the slings will be located just behind the mast. The boom and backstay must be removed for the lift.

Boats on trailers will be lifted into the parking lot between lifts to cradles. We will lift your boat when you show up. Make sure you tell the Lift Supervisor that you want to be lifted. Trailers must be driven away as soon as the boat is on the trailer to allow the next trailer in.

Prior to lift-out, you must have completed and signed a lift agreement form. We need the form early to organise the lift locations.

Boats left in the harbour area for the winter will be charged for winter storage.