Lift-out 2018

Lift-out 2018

The final lift-outs will be taking place Saturday Oct 13.

We have about 25 boats to be lifted onto cradles starting in the driveway then the parking lot. Boats to be lifted onto trailers will be lifted at the parking lot. Storage on the driveway will be limited to the area north of the stairs because of the washroom construction.

Make sure there are at least 30 ft taglines on the bow and stern. when you see the boat lifted in front of you, move in right away. If you have a sailboat with the mast on, you must have the backstay and boom removed before your lift.

Boats on trailers will be lifted from the parking lot between lifts from cradles. Make sure you tell the Lift Supervisor that you want to be lifted. The lift supervisor will tell you when to back your boat to the crane. Trailers must be driven away as soon as the boat is off the trailer to allow the next trailer in.

My request for volunteers had an overwhelming response. We have people volunteered for every position. Thanks everyone. Sling crews please show up around 7:30 to help the crane set up and to take part in the pre-job briefing. If people are missing when the lift starts, we will assume you are not coming and let someone take your place. When you fill out the time sheet, please make sure it is complete with your name clearly legible. Last year we had people put in time sheets with no name, so it was difficult to credit them with the hours.

As usual, lunch will be served. Cathy tells us that they have had a good response and nobody will go hungry.