___LIFT IN 2020__ set for June 13


We will be holding lift in this year on Saturday, June 13.  KYC has contracted for two cranes, so we will be requiring volunteers for each crane.   There will be no cradle moving to the laydown area on lift in day.

There will be differences this year for lift in due to covid-19 requirements. Lift in areas will be roped off.  Only lift crew members and 1 boat owner will be allowed inside until that owner’s boat is in the water.  Lift in crews will be wearing masks (as it may not be possible to maintain the 6’ separation rule), work gloves and identifying vests.  Work will be coordinated so that grouping of 5 people or less will be maintained.  Lift in this year is not a time for social gathering.  Please leave the extended family and friends at home.

            Boat owners will need to identify sling locations prior to lift in day by use of tape visible from the ground, and have tag lines installed, and back stays removed (if lifting with the mast up) prior to lift in day. 

            All boats will be lifted in.  We do not have any summer storage available.  If you insist on having your boat left on the hard, it will be relocated as required, and left in a position for easy removal.  You will pay the relocation cost, and will also be required to remove your boat from Municipal property at your expense.  (already clarified with our Municipal contact)

            The Lighthouse is closed.  Please bring a personal lunch and be prepared to consume it following physical spacing.  The office and washrooms will be closed during the time that the crane is lifting boats to the south of the buildings.

            Lift in will start with both the south pad (parking lot) and east wall.  When boats are lifted in on the east wall, they will need to move from the east wall as the slips will be required for boats from the north wall.

            Lift In Crew required

Please provide your own mask and work gloves.

East Wall         lift captain                   1

                        sling crew                    4

                        tag lines                      2

                        timekeeper                 1

                        lift area controller      1


South Pad/Parking Lot            lift captain                   1

                                                sling crew                    4         

                                                tag lines                      4          (2 above, 2 below)

                                                timekeeper                 1

                                                lift area controller      1

boat owner and 1 assistant to help with removal of slings from the boat when it is in the water by the floating dock

To volunteer, contact Jim Cooper at micmat@bmts.com