Marina Update

July 10

As you may know, the marina has opened up the patio, placed the BBQs around the marina and we have a few chairs on the east wall.  BUT, there’s a big difference from previous years, thanks to the pandemic.

  • We have spaced the picnic tables on the patio so that they are slightly more than 6’ apart; please do not reposition them.  We do not sanitize the picnic tables so please ensure you take appropriate precautions before use (e.g. use of table cloth, or sanitize the top surface)
  • BBQs are placed along the east and south walls.  We do not sanitize the BBQs and do not provide BBQ tools, although there are some BBQ igniters available.  Please sanitize every surface which you will touch prior to use of the BBQ, for your own protection, and clean the grill after use.  You must provide any tools which you will need to enjoy the BBQ.
  • We have spaced some patio chairs out along the east wall, in groups of 2.  We do not sanitize the chairs, so please ensure that you do so prior to use, for your own safety.  If you reposition chairs, please follow Public Health distance and mask guidelines when using them, and return them to their position after use.

Please observe all guidance from the local Public Health Authority concerning space between individuals, group size and the wearing of masks.  We want to continue to enjoy the lovely weather we have experienced so far this season without triggering a pandemic outbreak, and since the virus can’t move under its own power, we have to ensure that we don’t transport it amongst us.

Above all else, stay safe, and have fun.


Lift In 2020 was a great success!  With two cranes operating, the south pad was completed ~12:00, and the east wall/north wall was completed shortly after 1:00.  The weather on Saturday was certainly some of the best I’ve seen for a lift in, but that doesn’t mean I would want to wait this long again.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped to make this lift in run so smoothly.  All your work was greatly appreciated.  Thanks also to the members who showed up the next day to remove cradles, which also allowed for the earlier finish on Saturday.  The crane operators also appreciated that we limited the number of people allowed in the lift area.  This will probably be a factor in future lift in/ lift outs.

Another large thank you to the volunteers who raised A dock to its present height, especially to Sean and Anna, and Dave.  I think all who use the dock will appreciate the effort.

The marina is slowly opening up as regulations are relaxed.  However, we are still in covid-19 pandemic mode, and must be very careful.  Please remember physical distancing, and do not congregate in groups.  If physical distancing cannot be maintained, wear a mask.  Protect not only yourself, but also those around you.  In this way, we will be able to enjoy boating this summer safely.

Stay safe, stay healthy.