Lift-in – Information for Owners

Lift-in will take place on Saturday June 12 starting at 8:00 or perhaps a few minutes earlier. There will be two cranes and two lift crews.

The first crane will begin in the parking lot starting with the Mysis and Sapphire then launching the boats within 40 feet of the crane pad. When space permits in the launch area, boats on trailers will be fitted in with the boats on cradles. The Lift Captain will be Paul Watterworth.

The second crane will begin on the driveway, work its way down the driveway to the bridge. It will then move to the north wall and lift in the boats there, starting at the west end and moving towards the lighthouse. The lift Captain will be Mike Quinlan.

Safety is the number one priority. We don’t want anyone hurt. The boats we are lifting are heavy and they tend to swing as they are lifted off the cradles. There are plenty of pinch points that could take off fingers or worst, crush someone under the boat or between two boats.

In spite of what was said at the AGM, boat owners are not permitted in the lift area. Please mark the location of the slings on your boat – in advance – by placing strips of green masking tape at the water line. The sling crew will remove the tape once the slings are located. If tape is not placed, the lift captain will determine where the slings go.

For Covid reasons, the lift crew will walk away from anyone who is not a member of the crew. Obviously, the slings will not be placed. The crane will not lift the boat from the cradle until the lift area is clear of everyone except the crane helper and the people on tag lines. If someone walks into the lift area, the lift will stop.

If your boat has the mast installed, the backstay and boom must be removed in advance. You may have a halyard attached to the deck behind the mast a few feet from the back of the mast.

The lift is billed based on travel and set-up time and lift time. The travel and setup time is billed equally to everyone. The lift time is billed to the boat owner from the time the slings start to go on the boat to the time the slings are off. If the owner or someone delegated by the owner is not present, the boat will not be lifted. The time the crane spends waiting, will be billed as lift time. If it becomes clear the owner is not coming, the boat will be lifted out of the way if possible at the owners expense.

There will not be food supplied. There will be a short break for lunch for the crane drivers and lift crews at a convenient time.