Lift-in Crew Briefing

Lift-in will be on Saturday June 12. The cranes usually arrive around 7:30. We ask that everyone assigned to the lift-in crews arrive at 7:30 and report to their Lift Captain. In the parking lot the Lift Captain is Paul Watterworth. Mike Quinlan is the Lift Captain for the driveway.  The lift Captain will deliver a pre-job brief to everyone.

If all goes well, we should finish by 3:00, but our expectation is that the crews will remain until the lift-in is complete. If a member must leave the area for a bio break or to look after their boat, let the lift captain know.

We expect every member of the lift crew wear a safety vest (supplied) or other appropriate safety wear. Hard hats and safety shoes are optional. Masks worn properly are mandatory.

The regulations limit the number of people working in the area to five at any time. We should be able to maintain this number provided follow the process below.

The crane crew consists of the crane signal person, the lift captain, four sling people and two tag line people. For most of the time, we should be able to keep everyone six feet apart. The lift process is as follows:

  1. When the crane swings the slings to the boat, the sling crew enters the area. The slings are placed on the boat. The locations will be marked with green masking tape by the owner. One person will be on each side of the boat on each sling. When the slings are in place, the crane will tighten the slings. It may be necessary to hook up the slings or pull them under the boat and connect them. Be careful not to have fingers or hands between the sling and the boat. Once the slings are tight, remove the green masking tape and exit the area. If someone other than the lift crew comes near, drop everything and leave the area.
  2. The crane will lift the boat off the cradle once the tag lines are manned and the area is clear of everyone except the crane helper, the lift captain and the tag line people.
  3. The boat will be lifted to the water. In the parking lot there will be two people at the water to undo the slings. In the driveway and the north wall, the tag line people and perhaps the sling crew people if necessary will keep the boat clear of obstructions.
  4. The tag lines will be used to move the boat out of the way if necessary and tie the boat up.
  5. Once the boat is tied up and the crane crew is clear the owner may enter the area and take their boat away.

The Lift Captain may give different instruction as necessary.