Update April 30,2021

The marina remains closed to the public, but is open for specific activities.  These include allowing boat owners to prepare their own boats for opening, and to put their boats into the marina.  Once a boat is placed in the marina, it is to remain tied to the dock as the marina is closed to recreational boating at this time.   Marina staff will continue working to prepare the marina for opening.

            Only boat owners and family members can work on their own boat.  Please follow all appropriate covid 19 protocols regarding distancing, mask wearing and avoiding gatherings.

            Water is now turned on throughout the marina.  Two washrooms are available for use by boats owners, they are the two with keypad entry.  Please help us by keeping these washrooms clean and sanitized.  No washrooms are available for use by the public at this time. 

            We are working at establishing a new lift in date.  Once the cranes availability has been confirmed the date will be communicated.

            Please stay tuned, as staff completes marina preps, updates will be posted.


Lift in has now been set for Saturday, May 29. Please see lift in page for details.

The marina wi fi is now in service.

The marina office and docks have been posted “Marina closed to the public per O. Reg. 82/20”. This applies to the general public, not to boat owners.