Lift-Out 2021 A Success!

Saturday Oct 2, 2021 not only cooperated beautifully weather-wise but saw us through another successful lift-out.

A few notes:

  • 54 boats were lifted out (North Wall (6), East Wall (14), South Parking (27), to Trailers (7))
  • Lifting started simultaneously at 8:00 sharp at the South Parking Lot and North Wall
  • Lifting had completed around 5:00 pm at the East Wall (crane 1) and around 5:30 pm at the South Parking Lot (crane 2)
  • The first lift in the South Parking Lot had to be to a transporter truck which was waiting to take the boat out of province.  This had been requested and organized ahead of time but we were surprised that the process took up most of the first hour, holding up lifting operations of the other boats (members are not charged for this lift to the transporter truck).
  • The South crew had to contend with lifting on two levels.  This was aided by a larger crew than the North/East crew.  However the physical arrangement and available space on the South Parking Lot requires fewer crane relocations than the North and East Walls where physical restrictions require that the crane there be moved after every 2 boats on average (several times a relocation was required after a single lift).  Hence both crews finished around the same time.
  • A crane re-location can take up to 30 minutes.

We’ll be using our regular member communication channels to share some of the changes and improvements already being worked on to facilitate future lift preparations and operations.

A sincere thanks to all of the volunteers who participated in all of the preparations and lifts, from cradles to pizzas, to spreadsheets to slings and tags.  The teams did a stellar job.  This very successful lift-out could not have been achieved without you.


Kincardine Yacht Club