Lift-Out Order – Final

The sequence in which boats will be lifted out on Sat Oct 01 will follow the general order shown below.


The Lift Order will not change on the East Wall and North Wall.  Boats will be lifted in the order shown (North to South on the East Wall and East to West on the North Wall).

The Lift Order for a given boat in the South Parking Lot could change substantially from that shown.  See the ‘Note’ in Table 3 for an explanation.  Stay in touch with the progress your crane is making and remain reachable by Lift Captain (ie stay in sight, stay within earshot).

You can count on say 6 minutes per boat (likely longer but this is a conservative number for planning purposes).  So estimate how long it might take you to get your boat from your slip to the lifting dock and be in queue waiting to be lifted.


If you have any urgent questions pertaining to the lift-out of your boat, please send an email to the KYC Lift Coordinator by clicking on the link below.

After 6:30am on Sat Oct 01, the Lift Coordinator will be found in the South Parking Lot conducting the lift and will not be monitoring emails.

Questions on Lift Day?

Approach either Lift Captain, when it is safe to do so (ie the crane is between lifts) and ask your question.

KYC Lift Coordinator

Lift Order

The anticipated Lift Order is shown below in 3 different ways:

How to Use:

  1. Look-up your Boat Name, in Table 1. Note the crane number, area and approx Lift Time.
  2. Use Table 2 to Track how Your Crane is Progressing Towards Your Lift Time. Your Actual Lift Time could be an hour or more ahead of the estimated Lift Time.
  3. Use Table 3 to Visually Track how Your Crane is Progressing on your Wall/Parking Lot

Table 1 – Lift Order By Boat Name

Use this table to find which wall and position your boat will be stored in and which crane your boat is being lifted by:

Table 2 – Lift Order By Crane

Print (or take a screenshot on your phone) and use this table on Lift Day to track how the crane is progressing towards the lift of your boat:

Table 3 – Lift Order Maps

Use these graphics to get a pictorial representation of where your boat position is in the marina and how the Lift Sequence will progress for your crane.

Crane 1: South Parking Lot

Crane 2: East Wall > North Wall

Both cranes will start at 8:00am (be ready to be lifted by 7:45am)

CRANE 1: Starting at 8:00am will lift in the South Parking Lot generally in the orders shown

Note: Lift Orders in the South Parking Lot are subject to change, in particular at zone boundaries (e.g. the crane operator may decide to lift Comus in the 3rd set, or Poco Largo in the 1st set). We will attempt to retain the published lift order but please remain ready and flexible to change as required. Trailored boats should queue, just outside of the No Parking zone, in a position which allows loaded trailers to exit and wait to be waived in for loading by the Lift Captain or his designate.

Circles 1 through 33 represent the anticipated Lift Order in the South Parking Lot:

CRANE 2: Starting 8:00am will lift on the East Wall from E01 to E14

CRANE 2: will then continue on the North Wall from N02 to N08

KYC Lift Coordinator