Marina Water Depths

The water depths below are provided for general reference only.   They were recorded on calm days using a depth sounder as well as a weighted line.  KYC and the Kincardine Marina assume no liability for the accuracy of the data.

When reviewing water depths, please keep in mind that the soundings are subject to variations due to:  measurement repeatability (e.g. silty bottom), barometric pressure at the time of measurement, time of day, local swells at time of measurement, etc..  Use accordingly.

Historical and Predicted water levels for Michigan-Huron tend to increase from the beginning of boating season through to end of July and then decrease from August through to the end of the boating season.  See excerpt at bottom of this page for additional details.

Please contact the marina office if you have draft-depth concerns prior to navigating through the marina basin.

(webmaster note 2023-05-02:    the charts below will be redrawn to improve legibility when time permits)

As of 2023-04-20:

As of 2022-04-05:

As of 2021-05-23:

Historical and Predicted Michigan-Huron Water Levels (2021-2023) ref: