Marina Washrooms

Sept 24

Allen Hastings (general contractor) set up their fenced work area Monday morning.  Electrical and water isolations to the old washroom were done.  (The water isolation also isolates the water supply to the south side of the east wall.)  Ackert Excavation was on site by mid morning, and the old washrooms were demolished and completely removed by mid afternoon.  Further work determined that the hydro pole by the stairs would be too close to the excavation for safety.  This was identified to the engineers (B. M. Ross) for disposition.







Sept 25

With the sewage pumping station taken out of service for the day, work continued with rerouting the power cables for the pumping station out of the location for the new washrooms.  This work was completed by mid afternoon and the pumping station was placed back in service.  B. M. Ross is preparing drawings to shore the hydro pole so that excavation work can continue.    When this is completed and accepted, work will continue.


Sept. 28

Shoring of the hydro pole will be done on Tuesday, Oct 2, with excavation for the new foundations to follow.  Please keep the driveway clear on Tuesday as heavy equipment will be required to drive the steel piling for the shoring.

Oct 02

McLean Taylor Construction was on site today and drove in steel piles to shore up the hydro pole by the stairs.  Tomorrow, excavation for the foundation of the new washroom will resume.


Oct 03

Excavation continued today but a few problems were encountered.  The first was discovery of a number of large concrete blocks in the excavation area with tie rods connecting them to the concrete cap which is above the original wood pilings.  This formed the original wall of the marina.  It was determined that these were now non functional as the sheet steel that now forms the wall of the marina was installed in the mid 1960’s.  The concrete and the tie rods were removed and excavation then continued.  The next setback was discovery of the sewage line for the boat pump out was inside the excavation area, and it was made of transite. (asbestos-cement).  It was determined that it would have to be removed and the new line relocated.







Oct 04

The sewage pumping station was isolated and the old transite sewage pipe was removed and properly disposed of.  A new sewage pipe was installed and connected, and the sewage pumping station was placed back in service.  The excavation was completed, and the footings will be poured tomorrow.

Oct 05

Footings were poured this afternoon.  The plan for the next week, according to the Allen Hastings site supervisor, is to install rebar and forms for the foundation walls on Tuesday (and possibly Wednesday morning) pour the foundation walls on Wednesday, remove the forms late Thursday, and backfill on Friday (since we are backfilling both sides of the walls) to be ready for lift out on Saturday.  Please note, masts can be moved through the fenced area when workers are not present, but there is to be no vehicle traffic in the area.




Oct 11

A lot of work has happened in the last few days.  On Tuesday, the forms for the foundation walls were erected, on Wednesday the foundation walls were poured, and today the forms were removed, and waterproofing applied where required.  On Friday, backfilling will be done prior to lift out on Saturday.



Oct 15

Backfilling on Friday was sufficient so that there was no problem with crane access for lift out on Saturday.  Backfilling will continue today, and probably part of Tuesday, with the plumbers scheduled to start the floor plumbing installation on Wednesday.

Oct 16

Backfilling was completed today.  The decision was made to not place topsoil on the slope behind the washroom until next spring, at which time the slope will be finished and seeded.


Oct 18

Troy’s Plumbing and Heating began the layout and  installation of the in floor plumbing.


Oct 26

All the in floor plumbing has now been installed, levelled, checked and rechecked.  The metal mesh has been installed and we are now waiting for the concrete floor to be poured.

The pouring of the concrete floor is expected Monday or Tuesday next week.

Nov 12

It’s been quite a while, but the washroom floor was poured today.  Weather and personnel added to the delay, but the floor is poured, and has been covered with insulated tarps for curing in this this weather.


At least three days will be required for curing, so block work will probably not start until next week.

Dec 04

After a long wait, due to the poor weather we have been having, masonry work is now underway with the erection of a protective ‘tent’ around the building site.  This should be complete by the end of the day today, with actual block work to start on Wednesday.  This enclosure will be heated, and work will continue through the next weeks.

Stay tuned for further updates.