Navigation Aids to Kincardine

The Kincardine harbour entrance is located at 44.178473N, 81.643371W. A sector light is located at the end of the North Pier. If you are approaching from the north, and the sector light shows green, beware of the partly submerged breakwall. Continue heading south until the sector light shows white, then head into the entrance. Once you are close to the north pier (sector light) stay to the south until you can see a clear path into the harbour.

A fog horn is located at the sector light. It can be started by keying the mike on VHF channel 19 five times in 5 seconds. It can be turned off by keying the mike on channel 19 nine times in 5 seconds. The horn will operate for 30 minutes then turn off.

The Lighthouse is a Kincardine landmark. The lighthouse is owned by the Municipality of Kincardine and is maintained and operated by the Kincardine Yacht Club. The light flashes red every 5 seconds.

Four yellow barrels are located in a diamond pattern, with each side 1 nautical mile. The closest one to the harbour entrance is located a few hundred meters south of the piers. These do not mark navigation hazards. They are racing marks for the Kincardine Yacht Club.