2023 Lift-In: Sat May 6th

After conducting an informal Poll on the KYC Facebook Page to get a sense of the general member preference for a lift-in date of Sat May 6th or Sat May 13th, Sat May 6th was selected as the 2023 Lift-In date.

We’re fully aware that not all members monitor the KYC FB Page.  However, the informal poll was seen by 53 of the 77 KYC FB members.  Considering that:

a) most of the KYC FB members are currently KYC members, and

b) of the 20/53 who responded to the Poll, there was a 3:1 preference for May 6th over May 13th, (in fact a 4:1 preference if we arbitrarily include the 4 who didn’t have a preference into the ‘majority’ group), and

c) we have a restriction around cradle moving on May 14th due to a race which will impede access to the parking lot that morning,

May 6th was selected by the KYC Executive and Lift Planner as being the preferred Lift-In date this year.

As in previous years, we’ll have 2 cranes in operation and are planning to host our popular Pot Luck lunch for the Lift and Crane Crews on Lift Day.

Lift details will be communicated in the coming weeks and are expected to follow the same general timing and sequence as last year.  Similarly, KYC Members will be contacted in the coming weeks for Lift Crew, Cradle Crew, and Pot-Luck Support.

Now for a warm and dry period leading up to, and including our Lift Day!!

Looking forward to seeing you at the AGM or the marina,

Mike Quinlan

KYC Commodore