Kincardine Waterfront Plan

FYI – this will affect the Marina as the plan is to address things such as parking, access to the waterfront, use of the existing parkland etc.

The Municipality of Kincardine continues to work on a Waterfront Master Plan, with a community workshop set for Wednesday, Nov. 2, from 6-7:30 p.m., at the Davidson Centre in Kincardine. The event features a short presentation, followed by group activities.

Those wishing to attend, can register on-line at or call 519-396-3468, Ext. 300.

“Attendance at our August session was great,” said community services director Jayne Jagelewski. “The community is passionate about our waterfront, so registration helps us know how many to expect.”

Kincardine staff and project consultants, plural, are hosting the event, and will present what they’ve been hearing so far, and continue to listen for the values and priorities important to the participants.

“The focus is on one-and-a-half kilometres of waterfront within the municipality,” said Jagelewski. “This will help form a plan that will help us organize and prioritize all waterfront assets. This event is an excellent opportunity for individuals to have input on the long-range vision for these public lands.”

Details and information from the first community engagement session and survey completed in September, are available on-line at

Lift-Out Order – Final

The sequence in which boats will be lifted out on Sat Oct 01 will follow the general order shown below.


The Lift Order will not change on the East Wall and North Wall.  Boats will be lifted in the order shown (North to South on the East Wall and East to West on the North Wall).

The Lift Order for a given boat in the South Parking Lot could change substantially from that shown.  See the ‘Note’ in Table 3 for an explanation.  Stay in touch with the progress your crane is making and remain reachable by Lift Captain (ie stay in sight, stay within earshot).

You can count on say 6 minutes per boat (likely longer but this is a conservative number for planning purposes).  So estimate how long it might take you to get your boat from your slip to the lifting dock and be in queue waiting to be lifted.


If you have any urgent questions pertaining to the lift-out of your boat, please send an email to the KYC Lift Coordinator by clicking on the link below.

After 6:30am on Sat Oct 01, the Lift Coordinator will be found in the South Parking Lot conducting the lift and will not be monitoring emails.

Questions on Lift Day?

Approach either Lift Captain, when it is safe to do so (ie the crane is between lifts) and ask your question.

KYC Lift Coordinator

Lift Order

The anticipated Lift Order is shown below in 3 different ways:

How to Use:

  1. Look-up your Boat Name, in Table 1. Note the crane number, area and approx Lift Time.
  2. Use Table 2 to Track how Your Crane is Progressing Towards Your Lift Time. Your Actual Lift Time could be an hour or more ahead of the estimated Lift Time.
  3. Use Table 3 to Visually Track how Your Crane is Progressing on your Wall/Parking Lot

Table 1 – Lift Order By Boat Name

Use this table to find which wall and position your boat will be stored in and which crane your boat is being lifted by:

Table 2 – Lift Order By Crane

Print (or take a screenshot on your phone) and use this table on Lift Day to track how the crane is progressing towards the lift of your boat:

Table 3 – Lift Order Maps

Use these graphics to get a pictorial representation of where your boat position is in the marina and how the Lift Sequence will progress for your crane.

Crane 1: South Parking Lot

Crane 2: East Wall > North Wall

Both cranes will start at 8:00am (be ready to be lifted by 7:45am)

CRANE 1: Starting at 8:00am will lift in the South Parking Lot generally in the orders shown

Note: Lift Orders in the South Parking Lot are subject to change, in particular at zone boundaries (e.g. the crane operator may decide to lift Comus in the 3rd set, or Poco Largo in the 1st set). We will attempt to retain the published lift order but please remain ready and flexible to change as required. Trailored boats should queue, just outside of the No Parking zone, in a position which allows loaded trailers to exit and wait to be waived in for loading by the Lift Captain or his designate.

Circles 1 through 33 represent the anticipated Lift Order in the South Parking Lot:

CRANE 2: Starting 8:00am will lift on the East Wall from E01 to E14

CRANE 2: will then continue on the North Wall from N02 to N08

KYC Lift Coordinator

Lift-Out Crew – Oct 1, 2022

The following Lift Crew has been carefully selected for LIFT-OUT 2022, among a horde of applicants, for their competence, beauty, intelligence and of course, dedication to KYC.

They will be in action on Saturday, Oct 1, 2022 starting at 7:00am (yes … morning).

Boat owners will want to arrive no later than 7:45am to ensure their boats aren’t placed upside down on their cradles. Those who feel confident in their Lift Crew, or don’t care which way their keel points during winter, can arrive at times to be communicated by the secret email which will be issued in the next couple of days to all Lift Clients.

The lift will be a two-crane/two-crew affair with one team starting and staying in the South Parking Lot for the duration of the lift, and the other starting at the North End of the East Wall (aka Marina Office Laneway), ultimately finishing on the West End of the North Wall (dizzy yet?). Note: In the 08-25 email we originally had the 2nd Crane starting on the North Wall. The 2nd crane start location has since been changed to starting on the East Wall for very complicated reasons (such as colour coordination and attempting to speed up operations by luring the crane toward the Pot Luck lunch).

For anyone thinking of parking in any of the “No Parking” Zones on Lift Day, even for an eensy teensy few minutes … remember … we are armed with two cranes!!!

See you at the lift!

Your most beloved Lift Coordinator

Thank You Cradles Crew!!!

A big thank you to the Yard and Cradle Crew for a successful and efficient transfer of ~40 cradles this past Saturday morning.

Adam M
Barry C
Bob B
Dave S
Fil O
Jim T
Jocelyn M
Jon M
Keith D
Ken B
Ken S
Les K
Malcolm P
Mandy F
Mike Q
Peter O
Richard S
Robin S
Sean J
Stephen B

Cradles eagerly awaiting to serve their purpose:

Fear not East Wall Cradle Owners … your cradles won’t stay that close! They’re kept to the side to allow crane access to the North End to start the lift and will be re-positioned into their winter-storage positions as the crane makes its way up the laneway.

And for our North Wall friends … we’re sorry to say that in our haste to break our cradle positioning speed record, we dropped your cradles into the spillway.

Just kidding … didn’t have good pics … but trust your Lift Coordinator … they’re all there (we think!)

See you all at Lift-Out on Oct 1 !

Your trusty Lift Coordinator

Smart Beach Project May 25

Following is from the Kincardine Record:

Smart Beach project set to kick off May 25 at Station Beach, Kincardine

May 18, 2022

The Municipal Innovation Council will launch the first-of-its-kind Smart Beach pilot project at Station Beach, Kincardine, May 25.

Beginning at 11 a.m., the public is welcome to engage with project team members and Dr. Chris Houser—the lead researcher behind the Smart Beach technology—to learn about what this initiative means for the community.

The collaborative project will deploy an integrated sensor network that includes water level and wave sensors, as well as traffic and pedestrian sensors. Researchers will use the data collected to provide residents and visitors with highly-accurate, real-time local beach forecasts on rip current locations, rough surf, and dangerous areas to avoid.

“Our research team is excited to get to work,” said Houser, Dean of Science and a professor in the School of Environment at the University of Windsor. “Over the next couple of months, we’ll be busy monitoring and modelling the waves and currents at Station Beach and the potential hazards to beach-users.”

“This project has been a great opportunity to engage the grassroots community and tailor this initiative to the local area, developing thoughtful communications and outreach activities to complement the Smart Beach technology,” said Becky Smith, director of the Centre for Municipal Innovation at the Nuclear Innovation Institute. “I’m excited to see where we can expand this project over the three-year pilot and beyond.”

“The Smart Beach project is a prime example of the Municipal Innovation Council at work on an innovative solution that can be adapted to, and applied across, our member municipalities on the Great Lakes,” said Kara Van Myall, chief administrative officer of the Town of Saugeen Shores and chairperson of the Municipal Innovation Council. “Together with community partners, we are building smarter, safer amenities for everyone to enjoy.”

“We look forward to the data that Dr. Houser’s team will compile and analyze,” said Kincardine fire chief Brad Lemaich. “Being able to have predictive tools will allow Kincardine to provide beach-users the knowledge to enjoy a safer experience at Station Beach. The information will also help to minimize first-responder risk levels if we are called to the scene.”

Learn more about the Smart Beach project at

And for more information about the municipal innovation work happening in Bruce County, visit the Nuclear Innovation Institute’s website at: and join the conversation on Twitter (@OntarioNII), on LinkedIn (Nuclear Innovation Institute) and on Facebook (@OntarioNII).