2023 Lift Out Crew

Updated:  2023-10-20 (Ed Hogan unable to crew; Callum moved from Spare to Dock 2; Tow Boat may be staffed by Marina, if so our tow crew redirects to powerwashing)

For reasons explained in the email to Lift Clients and Crews, we’re returning to a 2-Crane Lift on Sat Oct 21.  This means both crews will meet at the South Parking Lot BBQ area at 7:am on Saturday for coffee/muffins, Pre-Job Brief, don safety gear, and be ready to break off into your respective crews as soon as the cranes arrive (nominally around 7:30am usually).

We’ll start the lift as soon as the crane’s are setup, which could be a little before 8:00am.

The proposed crews are shown below.  Please email the Lift Coordinator if you’re uncomfortable with your assignment, are unable to crew for any reason, or have a schedule restriction.

Also to note:

By the time the North Wall is done (hopefully near or before lunch), those North Wall crew members who are still feeling energetic for the afternoon can spring into action after lunch to relieve any on the South Wall crew in need of relief.

Lift Crew
  South Crew North Crew
Lift Coordinator Mike Quinlan
Lift Captain Mike Quinlan Chris Candlish
Timer Liisa Feldmann Fay Walke
Safety Dave Gray Dave Jenkins
Rover Robin Smith Alex Gigger
Tag1 Thomas Douglas Mark Vollmer
Tag2 Henrik Saari Barbara Locke Billingsley
Sling1 Darryl Lunn Mika Feldmann
Sling2 Paul Austin Adam Millar
Sling3 Shawn Billingsley Vic Jakubaitis
Sling4 Filipe Oliveira David Lune
Sling1 – Dock Level Brian Pomeroy  
Sling2 – Dock Level Ken Steinman  
Sling3 – Dock Level Jim Troyak  
Sling4 – Dock Level Sam Wall  
Dock1 Mel Smillie  
Dock2 Callum McKee  
Spare   Peter Hogsden
Tow Boat Driver* Rhys Vollmer
Tow Boat Assist* Charlie Ogg

*If Marina supplies Tow Boat staff and we are short powerwashing staff, our crew members designated for the Tow Boat will take on powerwashing duties (wear rain gear).