Marina Update 22/05/19


Construction Update

The first concrete pour of the project has now been completed by three trucks and finishing of it is ongoing. Tomorrow morning the fuel line hose reels will be reset and fuel will be available NLT noon. The pump out station will be reset in place on Tuesday and should be operational by the end of the day.

For East wall boaters there is a temporary panel they can hook up to with many 15 amp breakers until the East wall is complete.

However, due to construction, there is no water available on the East wall.

Water Restrictions Lifted

We have authority from the town to use our water again and both A and B dock have been flushed and are operational. We have a minor issue with a broken water line to C dock but we hope to have it fixed by the end of the day.

I think you should find a dramatic change for the better as the project continues to move forward.