Marina Update


Marina Winter Closure Info

From our Harbourmaster:

Marina Winter Closure: The marina will close for the winter on Friday, October 29 at 17:00.

Marina Hours of Operation Until Winter Closure: Marina will continue to remain open for operation from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 7 days/week until Winter Closure.

All Boats Must Be Out of Marina by Nov 1, 2021: The launch ramp will remain open, but boats may not tie-up overnight in the marina.

Upcoming activities at the marina in preparation for winter will include:

Removal of any docklines, hoses and any other items left on docks and pilings:    It’s recommended that members claim those items at their earliest convenience; the marina boat may also be used if required.  All items not removed by owners will be removed by marina staff; these items may be tagged with the slip number for future recovery by owners.  Items not claimed by the start of the 2022 season will be sold on the marina’s charity jumble sale table.

Lifting of Docks above Ice Level: This activity should start in the week of October 25.

Water Shut-Off and Waterline Flush:  Water is expected to be shut-off on 2021-10-25 (colder weather may force earlier shutoff).

Patio/Picnic tables/BBQs: Picnic tables will be moved to the patio for winter storage in the week of Oct. 17 and the BBQ propane tanks will be removed to the storage area in the same week.

Washrooms:  the club washrooms (near the marina office) will remain open to members until 2021-10-25 (subject to weather).  Public washrooms (above the picnic area) will remain open until 2021-10-15 (subject to weather).

Racing and Swim Area Buoys Removed for Winter: Thanks go to: Jim Coffin, Jim Cooper, David Gray, John Kelly, and Mike Quinlan.