Sips on Slips July 22

This Saturday July 22ndis the first in our series of“Sips on Slips”at the KYC !

What is it?

It is a chance for some socializing and mingling aboard your boat! For those members wishing to participate, we will be offering a pirate pennant flag to tie on your boat to indicate you’re “open” to having visitors stop by for a “sip”. Pennants will be available at the marina office the day of, for those wishing to grab one.

The beverage can be water, something you have created, or something you have in a can or bottle. Up to you!  Marina office has lots of ice on hand for purchase!

Snacks are always welcome and don’t have to be fancy 😊

Start time: 5:30pm

End time:  whenever you take down your pennant flag

Next “Sips on Slips”: July 20th