Lift-in 2024

Lift-in will take place on Saturday May 25 starting at 7:00 sharp for those people volunteering for the lift-in. A pre-job briefing will be held prior to work starting. First boats will be going into the water at 8:00.

This year I propose that volunteers will not get club hours for lift-in but rather will not have club hours included in their lift-in bill. Hours worked at lift-in will not go towards the maximum hours. Members will be able to get club hours for other activities. This is subject to executive approval.

We will have 2 cranes from Stratford Crane Rentals as usual.

Volunteers will be required for:

    • lift captain x 2
    • Slings x 8
    • tag lines x 4
    • parking lot dock x 4
    • hydraulic trailerĀ  x 3
    • safety officer
    • truck and driver x 4 for cradle moving. Stay tuned for date
    • cradle moving helper x 4
    • lift timer x 2

You can volunteer by emailing me at Please include your name, boat name (or boat that you are working for) and if you are available to work all day. If you have special needs for your boat, such as not being lifted in or being moved away by trailer please let me know asap. I will post the list of volunteers here by first name and last initial or nickname as the positions are filled.

Food will be looked after by our social committee chair Christie.

I’m looking forward to working with you all again and your comments.

Jim Coffin – Lift-in committee chair.

See the link on the main page for list of volunteers to date